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KIKUYU Instant Lawn

We are suppliers of this widely used hardy lawn in Gauteng which is suitable for full sun and is not shade tolerant. It is a warm season tough lawn which has a course leaf structure and is suitable for many soil types. It can be planted all year round, establishes quickly once planted and grows vigorously in the summer months. It goes dormant on the Highveld in the winter months and revives quickly in spring. It requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day to thrive. It is bright green in colour and has excellent wearability.


Wet the area well to soften it and dig the area to a depth of 15 – 20cm using picks and forks.
Remove all the old lawn and weeds.
Level the area using rakes.
Apply 2.3.2 or similar fertilizer at a rate of 5kg/100m2 and rake into the top layer of soil.
Make sure the area to be planted is level as your lawn mower will remind you of your short comings in the years to come.
Roll out instant lawn on the newly prepared area and make sure it is butted together leaving no gaps.
Use a heavy roller over the entire area.
Give a light watering on a daily basis for the first two weeks. Do not overwater and cause the area to become soggy.
The new lawn can be mowed once new growth exceeds 40mm.


Spread 5.1.5 or 8.1.5 lawn fertilizer @ the rate recommended by the manufacturer at the beginning of August and September
(NB – the minimum daily temperatures must be above 10 deg C)

For the rest of the growing season continue lightly fertilizing lawn using a balanced fertilizer alternating with LAN on a monthly basis until minimum temperatures drop to below 10 degrees C at the onset of winter.

No fertilizing.