Soils & Compost

Our soil enrichment division has a range of the following products :


Specially formulated for the maintenance and establishment of healthy lawns.

Consists of : 75% finely sifted quality topsoil enriched with 25% Compost/manure mix.
This Lawn dressing combination contains the necessary micro-nutrients to give the lawns a boost at the beginning of the growing season and to feed lawns and assist in levelling uneven lawns. It can be applied at a rate of 1m3 per 100m2 of lawn at the beginning of spring onwards into summer.

- Mow lawn as short as possible (scarify if possible).
- Aerate by using a spike roller or a garden fork.
- Apply a thin layer of lawn dressing so that the lawn is clearly visible –
not too thick otherwise you could kill the lawn.
- A balanced lawn fertilizer like 8-1-5 can be applied at the same time for
an additional boost.
- Water well after application.

A rejuvenated, dark green and healthy lawn for the whole season.

Just added - 

Lawn Dressing (Line enriched)

This is an excellent soil enhancer as it helps to change the pH of the soil and make it more alkaline. Lawn thrived when the soil conditions are right. Clover is an indication the the pH of your soil is high (acidic) and requires lime to make it more alkaline. We have thus decided to make this option available. 


Our compost is made up of garden greens as well as various animal manures (dumped at our garden refuse site by local home owners, garden services, horse stables and chicken and cattle farmers).
We apply water to these various ingredients as we mix them together, stock pile and turn them. This assists the decomposition process producing a high quality, nutrient enriched compost. Due to the high temperatures reached during decomposition, seed germination is destroyed by the internal temperature making the compost weed free.
Once well composted the materials are sifted and sold in bulk or in bags.

- To enrich and supply nutrients to garden beds that have been depleted of nutrients over years of growth.
- For the addition to planting holes for trees and shrubs and all plants.
- For mulching of garden beds to retain moisture during the dry months of the year

- Loosens and enriches compacted soils
- Stimulates microbial and earthworm population
- Improves water retention, drainage and soil structure
- Retains air and moisture essential for good root growth and healthy plants

- Flower beds – apply compost – 50 – 100mm thick on to flower beds and dig in using a garden fork
- Planting trees, shrubs, roses, plants – mix a 50/50 ratio with your soil
- Use as a weedfree lawn dressing for fine lawns
- Safe for use when transplanting seedlings

- A healthy crop of beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees, lawns and a healthy garden.


70% manure enriched topsoil and 30% compost for filling or creating new garden beds and window boxes etc.
This landscapers mix has good drainage capabilities due to the mixture being coarsely sifted allowing small stones (present in the soil) and compost to produce a good garden mix which does not compact.

Ideal for filling of garden beds, raising areas for landscaping and for levelling sites in preparation for the laying of instant lawns.
NB - NOT for use as lawn dressing due to the bulkiness of the soil.
Lawn Dressing is a finer product ideal for top dressing of lawns.

New manageable garden beds and levelled areas for new lawns.


Consists of a mixture of composted horse and chicken manure to ensure a healthy crop of organically home grown vegetables.

Mainly in vegetable and herb gardens where these plants require additional nutrition.

Apply a approx. 50mm thick layer of “Veggie Mix” onto the soil in the vegetable garden and dig in well before planting vegetables or herbs.

Strong, healthy plants producing abundant, healthy, delicious home grown vegetables and herbs.


Consists of a mixture of enriched topsoil, compost and riversand.

Filling of indoor / outdoor pots, planting boxes and grow bags.

Provides a healthy growing environment that stimulates plant growth with good water drainage.

Beautiful healthy plants.


We carry a small variety of building materials.

These include :
Builders Blend
Building Sand

Available for collection or delivery.